Join the Stop Plastic Movement

Stop Plastic is a movement to save our environment from the dangerous uses of disposable toxic plastic.  Our mission is to eventually become a non profit organization dedicated to saving the planet’s oceans, streams, forests, rivers, and landfills from becoming plastic wastelands, and help to ensure the longevity of the species that inhabit this planet.

Plastic Facts

The average person uses 300lbs of disposable plastic annually.

More plastic has been produced in the last decade than in the previous century.

Plastic never breaks down, it only breaks up, meaning it’s easier as time goes on for animals to ingest it.


We are making changes in the world. Here’s how you can too:

Say no to plastic and styrofoam at restaurants and public establishments.

Leave plastic wraped food products on the grocery store shelves and bring your food home in wax food wraps.

Use reusable bags or paper bags but always say no to plastic.




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